Sunday, July 30, 2006

Love in the time of menopause

Saw an engaging film yesterday on the idiot box: Birth. Starring Nicole Kidman who was simply brilliant in her remarkably restrained performance and her cropped hair. Do read what Ebert says about this movie. The music is truly haunting.
Just finished writing love in the time of menopause. Am somehow gung-ho about this poem. Have posted it at Caferati and would appreciate a feedback. Please tell me I am not getting rusty…:)
And now you can “Revverize your videos. Share them with the world. Make money.” Just check out this interesting Web 2.0 site:
S and I have more or less decided on the stones we are going to use in our home. It’s exciting.
Take care…

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy Anniversary, S

Today is our 18th “Official” (Well, that’s another story for another day…:-)) Marriage Anniversary. Interesting day. S left early in the morning for a day trip to Dehradun for some urgent office work. The driver decided to take a leave, so it was kinda nice driving all the way to Gurgaon. Now I am planning to spend the evening with Soven and we shall have some fun at home. Seriously, I am lucky to be blessed with a life partner in S and won’t trade it for anything. My sister called to wish us and am relieved to hear that she sounded good. Pray that she gets over her prolonged bad patch. Take care all ye people out there.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The 1% rule

Wrote a poem, the knot, and posted the first draft at Caferati. Poetry is the balm I use to soothe my raw nerves.
Do check out this piece on The Guardian regarding the 1% rule of the Internet. Writes Charles Arthur: “It's an emerging rule of thumb that suggests that if you get a group of 100 people online then one will create content, 10 will "interact" with it (commenting or offering improvements) and the other 89 will just view it. It's a meme that emerges strongly in statistics from YouTube, which in just 18 months has gone from zero to 60% of all online video viewing. The numbers are revealing: each day there are 100 million downloads and 65,000 uploads - which as Antony Mayfield (at points out, is 1,538 downloads per upload - and 20m unique users per month. That puts the "creator to consumer" ratio at just 0.5%, but it's early days yet; not everyone has discovered YouTube…”
Continuing the mobile revolution in India, now you can pay via SMS. Here is PayMate.
And pray, what is Visual Radio and is India ready for it? Get the dope here.
Gotta go for a walk now. Take care…

Friday, July 21, 2006

Aapki Sonia

The other day, S and I went to the IBM Forum at the Taj Palace, not to attend the deliberations on IT, Outsourcing et al, but to see a play. Aapki Sonia, performed by Sonali Bendre (her debut in theatre) and Farooque Sheikh. Farooque gave a virtuoso performance while Sonali was good in parts, especially towards the end. Though the play was essentially a dialogue through letters between the two protagonists, and had minimal sets and sound, it was beautifully executed and kept us engaged. A sequel to Tumhari Amrita, it explored the facets of hate, the other side of love. Do see it if you can. The play is written by Javed Siddiqui (who also wrote Tumhari Amrita) and its script has a poetic feel to it.
Incidentally, also enjoyed IBM-Daksh’s COO Pavan Vaish’s take on BTO (Business Transformation Outsourcing) which we managed to catch just in the nick of time. Chill…:)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gangsta Rap

Last night I had an irrational argument with Soven on an absolutely trivial issue and breathed down her neck irresponsibly. It made her cry and I felt very bad. Today I wrote this poem for her: last night he made his daughter cry. Please forgive me, my child.
In the afternoon, we saw Gangster at home. Though the film is yet another gangsta tale, I quite enjoyed the performance of Shiny Ahuja. The guy is intense, in the mould of Randeep Hooda, and if he chooses his roles well, will go a long way in the tinsel town. Debutant Kangna Ranaut as a gangsta moll was a trifle melodramatic in parts. Here’s the Wiki entry for Gangster. The film is shot in Seoul and the city looks cool. Also check out what the Korean portal Ohmynews has to say about the movie.
Have you been to Snap? Here’s a search engine with a difference. Take care…

15 July 2006: Have been at home for the last 2 days as I had caught a bad chill. Chill in this weather, you may be wondering? Well, AC draught at home and in office can be quite chilling when it wants to be…. Rested, took the ubiquitous Crocin, hot water bottle and the great Tiger balm massage by Soven and am feeling better now.
Managed to read Tim Harford’s The Undercover Economist and enjoyed some chapters. The ones on how Supermarkets fleece us and how China grew rich are fascinating. Simply told and highly effective. The book also makes an incidental point about how India’s illiberal and autarkic policies from 1960s till 1980s led to three decades of missed opportunities and we are far behind China now. Infrastructure remains our bane.
Do check out two of my recent poems: woman of caferati, and boohoo cries the rapist in the hall. Would be interested to know what you think of them. Boohoo…is sort of experimental.
S is travelling again. Left yesterday for Hyderabad and will return on Monday evening from Bangalore. I believe there’s a surprise (good surprise) in store for Soven when she returns.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Second Roof: Thanksgiving

Today while it drizzled, and that too in bits and pieces, in Delhi and parts of Haryana, the second roof of the house in SC-I was laid. (Soven and S also went with me to the site.) Thank you, God, for your kindness. I also can’t help but marvel at the professionalism of the ordinary construction worker. They carry on with their work, day after relentless day, unperturbed and with a quiet dignity, hoping for no accolades or reward, just earning their daily bread and building our houses with their sweat. Thank you, mates.
So, who’s it gonna be tonight? France or Italy? Can’t wait to see the final. Take care…

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Saw Banaras at home today and I must say I was mesmerised by the film. A ‘mystic love story’, it takes a lot of poetic liberty in its beliefs and their cinematic rendition and looks a bit improbable in pieces, but its searing intensity works just fine for me. The film is about fighting demons, both external and internal, and ultimately to make peace with the eternal river of life. I saw Ashmit Patel for the first time and the guy looks good. Intense and sure of himself as an actor. Urmila M was at her best, and while some may question her overarching transformation, I thought she carried her role with panache and certitude, befitting a deft performer. The film is beautifully shot and avoids the noise and filth of Banaras and highlights its magical, mystical soul, and the music is powerful. The script is taut, yet full of philosophical assertions. Enough food for thought, and an afternoon well spent…:)
As Subhash K. Jha says: “It doesn't really matter whether "Banaras" clicks at the box-office. For its tenacity of purpose and sensitivity of vision and for its genuineness of expression, you have to grant the film the space to have its say. This film deserves our respect.”
Some interesting facts about the holy city here.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

PHAT Chicks

My post about the hunt for PHAT Chicks at Caferati has created quite a furore. I wonder if the post was really that offensive or may be, just may be, some women don’t even have a modicum of the proverbial sense of humour.
Anyway, this weekend has been relaxing at home. Brazil’s defeat against France has been a bit of a dampener. Saw another moronic movie at home: 36 China Town. Improbable, loud and full of inanities.
Am not in a mood for a long post, so take care all of you.