Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Aviator and his Demons

17 July 2005: Things are slowly settling down on the career front. I remain enthused about the power, reach and impact of the Internet on our lives and am keen to take up the challenge of doing some real constructive work in terms of Broadband-enabling the website I am working for.
Saw The Aviator at home today, and as I write this, I am still in awe of the man who staked everything he had for his dream. DiCaprio is absolutely amazing as Howard Hughes, and Scorsese’s direction is truly spellbinding. I am most touched by how Howard struggled and dealt with the demons of his OCD, and yet continued to scale new heights. The battle with our own private demons takes a long haul but I guess we all have to fight them. The trick is not to expect quick and final victory, but minor triumphs. It’s a protracted and taxing journey but one has to keep faith and go on. I wonder what is it that makes some of the smartest and brightest people fall prey to imaginary demons that look so real and haunt them day in and day out. Maybe it’s because we are all frail behind the veneer of toughness and smart talk. And since outright victory over our fears may not be possible for all, the best way is to perhaps ‘quarantine’ our fears, keep them at an isolated place, humour them once in a while, but never let them overpower us. Just don’t give in to their rapacious demands. That’s the way to go. Do take care, my friends.

Friday, July 01, 2005

State of the Mind

There comes a time in life when a certain combination of events throws up a unique challenge. It’s our response to those events that shape the very outcome of our onward journey. The road we may choose to take may be dull and dreary, uninspiring and lonely, but we gotta persevere and never let go of our dream. It’s our dream that keeps us going. There may be some hiccups on the way to its realisation but if you accept them as a part of the process, they will become bedrocks of opportunity. And so I believe, and carry on with a dream...:)

I have been away from my blog and all you dear friends for a long time as a lot was happening on my career front and things were moving at a rapid pace. I wanted to capture those moments in a moment of reflection but that never really happens. Anyway I moved on from HT to Indiatimes. That was the right thing to do in the given circumstances. It was sad to leave a team that I literally handpicked and shaped into a tremendous force and a brand that we created by burning the proverbial midnight oil many a night, but I guess you need to cut the umbilical chord. Because life waits for no one. As they say, life is a great teacher and time heals, so you gotta move on…

Wrote moving on its own steam yesterday. Check it out. See ya soon.