Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

It’s been about two and a half months that I have not updated my blog. Call it blogger’s block, as one anonymous comment put it, or sheer laziness, but I do find myself remarkably inarticulate.
There’s so much happening, however, in my life regarding the house and work fronts, and yet I don’t have a story to tell. The other day I called up my pal, Kavita, and she said: “Mister, it seems Diwali is not over for you.” Even poetry is not flowing outta me these days. I guess it happens.
Well, I was in Shanghai and Bangkok from 30 Oct till Nov 3. S came along and it was fun. I was invited by Intel Asia-Pac to be a member of their Communications Board of Advisers (CBoA) and it was truly an enriching experience. I wrote about my Shanghai visit in this poem.
In Bangkok, we met Techa, my warm and generous Thai friend, and he made our two day stay memorable.
Well, the house is shaping up and is also acquiring a soul. It’s a labour of love. Meanwhile, Soven did well in her school entrance exam and got admitted to DPS nearby our home and will attend a new school from April 2007. The girl’s got an attitude and I like that. I am posting her first Photoshop creation. Her new passion is Jim Morrison and she is currently reading Morrison’s biography, No one here gets out alive. (Incidentally, I bought the book in London in 1990.)
I am currently in the middle of The Inheritance of Loss and was enjoying the book for its simplicity and lucidity. Then suddenly lost interest. Need to finish it soon. I think I am mentally preoccupied. All you guys take care and have a Super Duper 2007. I am gonna try and write regularly. Cheers.