Sunday, October 15, 2006

Diwali Bash

We had a great Diwali Bash on Friday the 13th at Tivoli Gardens and it was gratifying to experience the home-grown talent of the company. Everything was immaculately organised and the spirit was of bonhomie and cheer. It felt nice to be a part of a fun-loving progressive team. The Broadband guys and gals were active participants and sang songs, played guitar and did a skit. Cool.
I also penned down this poem on the 13th. Rather simple, but wanted to capture the exchange in free verse.
Early this morning S left for Russia. Am sure she’s gonna have a good time. I plan to keep busy at work, spend time with Soven, write poetry, manage construction, and read Pamuk’s My Name is Red at night.
Do check out these two sites: is Cyber Yugoslavia, and can get you a free accommodation when you are globetrotting on a shoe-string budget. Discovered these sites, thanks to brilliant pieces by Charles Assisi in today’s Sunday Times.
Champions Trophy has begun and it looks like India is going to win easily against England in the opening match.
Take care…

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Poetry and Corporate

Do take a look at two more poems:
Keep trying, Sister
I stare at a blank word document
Some of my poems may sound intensely person, but I believe that poetry, howsoever introspective, has grains of universal truth, as human experiences and emotions are the same and touch similar chords in people. Simplistic put, but poets just happen to capture the quintessence of human drama with a bit of lyricism and imagery…:)
Saw Corporate at home yesterday and liked the pace and intensity of the film. However, I feel that increasingly good corporates are doing the right and ethical thing, as in the enlightened consumer interest lies their true bottomline. If the customers are happy, the bottomline is going to look good. As S said, Corporate had a better feel than Bhandarkar’s Page 3, as the latter was a tad amateurish in its treatment. Here’s a good review.
It’s good to see Internet back with a bang in India. Once the critical mass is achieved, MSM is gonna have a tough time beating this interactive, equalising and empowering medium. Do check out this interesting social networking site originating out of India: Go, Yaar! And take good care of yourself.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Dussehra

Today is Gandhi Jayanti and Dussehra. I haven’t seen Munnabhai 2 yet, but I believe 'Gandhigiri' has stirred a debate on Gandhi’s relevance in contemporary India. Well, Gandhi’s relevance is about our belief in goodness of things and faith in people.
Sorry to blog after a long time but I have been kind of occupied. Poems, however, continue to pour outta me. Do check out these two:
In Sin City on the night of a Coup
The first one is based on my Thailand visit (over 80 of us went to Pattaya and Bangkok on a company conference), and the second is about Fizz, a woman protagonist in The Alchemy of Desire. I found the book and her character amazing. Initially thought I would write a review, but out came a poem. Compared to the depth of the book, it sounds like a “silly ditty”, as one critical Caferati member pointed out.
Today, the good shall once again burn the evil, and we shall find momentary relief from the absurdity of it all. Take care, and Happy Dussehra.