Saturday, February 21, 2009

Devdas Trilogy

Paro Next

Village belle with fire
Radiant like a sunflower
She touches herself and feels no guilt
Dumping centuries of self flagellation
Chats on the web and shoots herself in the buff
Pleasuring the loverboy in London
Cycles to fecund mustard fields
Mattress in tow for a tryst with her man
Gives him head with aplomb
That comes when you ride your sexuality
The aggressor, the giver, the defiant
A mind that makes the body swell
And pride that’s sincere and audacious
When he spurns her, she moves on
With a quiet dignity and dances at her marriage
While he plunges into a spiral of psychedelia
She is today’s woman
Real and fleshy, diva and dragon, flower and fire-eater
Balancer of many things, accomplisher of more
And proud to be so

Got a problem with her?
Fuck you.

15 February 2009

Chandramukhi 2.0

Peony-mouthed face lights up
When the Sun dances on her body
Did you see the twinkle in her eyes?
Short skirt, floppy socks, and an MMS later
She fades into the blazing sepia of scandal
While voyeurs feed on her innocence
A childhood condemned, a girl interrupted
She resurrects in a seedy Xanadu bar
A nirvana for the drug-addled
A kitschy Soho pretender
Where neon and moon mix a heady cocktail
And women peddle their wares
An ass, a tit, or leather, if you like
A warehouse of phantoms
A Phoenix, a dominatrix, a pleaser on phone
A master of languages, s’il vous plai^t
Collegian by day and whore by night
A girl unsullied in her hunger for love
An anchor to an addict, a lover to a loser
And when love nibbles its way into her fragile heart
She surrenders to its whimsical tyranny
And becomes one with it
A woman who crossed the Rubicon
Only to return

You whore in a made-up world
You slayer of men's demons

You eternal virgin.

18 February 2009
Title thought by Saumya Verma.

Devdas 2009 A.D.

A wiry village lad goes to London
And gets an education
Rings up childhood sweetheart
Getting off in cold suburbia
In town, all he wants is to grab her
Butt, boobs and the rest
When she gets married
He sinks in booze and broads
Wastrel of a man
Lusting for love, running from life
A creature of the dark
An epic tragic hero?
Call him Dev D or Joe
He needs a woman
A mother, a lover
To rescue him from phantasma
A loser in the city of women
Sounds familiar?
Get a new fix, man
Your body stinks
And your soul is drowned
In a bowl of tear-stained heaven
Paro is gone, so may Chanda
If your breath smells
She may dump you
Before your next Vodka

Dev D, cool dude
Smell the coffee.

19 February 2009

Trilogy inspired by Dev D.


Blogger fleuve-souterrain said...

I saw your comment on my site, thanks a lot!

It's really very nice to read your poetry... I indeed like Chandramukhi :)

I've been writing a few "Bollywood" inspired poems myself (am turning into quite a pop culture enthusiast...). Just curious -- how did you come across my blog?
And, yep, let's get to share more. Are you on FB?

2:29 PM PDT  
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