Sunday, February 26, 2006

Shampoo Poetry

There are two things that are consuming me these days: work and poetry.
The compelling need to make a difference and to reignite the spirits at work is keeping me busy, and thanks to the wonderful community at Caferati, my love for poetry is back, and that too with a bang. Not that it went anywhere in the first place, but I am reading lotsa poetry online and learning and absorbing and methinks T would have loved it. (T, hope you are having fun at Trinity).
Does the poetry need to have metre and rhyme? Since I write in free verse, here’s an argument for it. Do check out Shampoo, an online poetry magazine. It’s got some real cool original work.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Soul food at Caferati

Since I last wrote, a lot has happened:
Attended 2 interesting events: Google’s Delhi launch bash at Climax, and BBC unveiling the findings of its Global Indian Survey at the Taj.
Given additional responsibility at work. Now, I shall also be looking after our suite of content products.
Participated at the AIB Regional Media Leaders Forum at IHC and talked about markets of one and other dry things like the regulatory framework. (Thank you, Rakhee of APTN).
Highlight: Meeting my favourite, Dr. Madanmohan Rao, the original web evangelist.
Have now become a regular contributor at Caferati’s network at Ryze. Discovering some great new talent, an animated community of poets and writers, learning a lot, and am glad to know that poetry is alive and kicking. Do check it out here.
Rest, as they say, is fine. Do take care…

Monday, February 06, 2006

Teenage rites

On 4th Feb, Soven turned 13 and we had a party at the "happening" bar, Buzz, to celebrate her becoming a teenager. Call it the rites of initiation bash, the party rocked. My friends drank like hell, and the DJ played some real cool music. Prim and propah that she is, Soven was aghast with some open smooching and fondling going on at the bar, but such is the way of the modern Indian youth, and who are we to judge! (Btw, I pretty much enjoyed it.) Posting some pictures of the party here.

On Friday the 3rd, took my friends, Bipasha and Varun, who are now based in Singapore, to Ego Thai, and had a good conversation along with delectable Thai cuisine.
Currently reading an interesting book, River of Gods, by Ian McDonald. The book is set in India of 2047 and is pretty absorbing. Shall keep you briefed.
Today’s ODI at Peshawar saw Sachin cross 14,000 runs and score his 39th one day ton, but sadly he was wrongly given lbw, and that turned the tide in Pak’s favour. But what a match!
If you like the written word, do check out Caferati. I discovered this animated literary community recently, and methinks it’s cool. And Google, watch out. Deep search engine, Kosmix is here.
Take care…