Sunday, January 28, 2007

Web vs. TV: No contest

For some time now, I have believed that the Web will be bigger than the idiot box in the coming years. Bigger because it will be more pervasive, is more democratic and equalising, is more interactive, has better depth and content (and real-time context), is truly multimedia enabled, can harness communities better and is far more cost-effective. Today, when I read this report about Bill Gates comment on the same subject at Davos, I do feel sort of vindicated. I am increasingly becoming a sucker for Web 2.0.
On another subject, it’s springtime, metaphorically speaking, in India, and we are gonna rock.
Check out how the prelude to Appassionata is faring at Caferati. Take care…


Blogger Sameer Pitalwalla said...

lol it is spring time, drop user generated content or long tail in any traditional media board room meet and everyone is salivating. What do you do Sir?

12:42 AM PDT  
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