Sunday, January 14, 2007

Why Guru Rocks

The film could have been a classic had it not degenerated into a hagiography in the latter part. Yet one tends to empathise with the law breaker corporate czar protagonist because the law is an ass and is always an impediment to business than a facilitator.

Here are ten, short and quick, reasons why I think Guru rocks:

  1. Abhishek: It’s a tour de force film for the Junior B. He comes of age and delivers an outstanding performance, one that made his father spout his father’s lines: “When a father loses to his son, that’s his greatest triumph.” See the film for Abhishek’s stylishly languorous and cavalier, oily, confident portrayal of a polyester man with a big vision out to make it at any cost. His drooping shoulders and pot belly are not the only things that are impressive.
  2. Ash: There is a dignified chutzpah about her. And the way she comes into her own near the end pulsates with an inner confidence that springs from being one with the character. A very different performance, raw and vintage at the same time.
  3. Mithun: He is the surprise package in the film. Never thought he was capable of the kind of gravitas he imparted to his character, though his campaign seemed terribly one-sided. That’s a weakness of the script.
  4. Rajiv Menon: The film is beautifully shot and has a wonderful period feel to it. Some frames are frozen in time. Don’t know but for some unknown reason it reminded me of the cinematic tapestry of Gangs of New York.
  5. Mallika: That one riveting bootylicious dance number in Istanbul is the reason enough to see the film. The lady has oomph and, take it or leave it, is out and out a professional.
  6. Story: The script is taut and goes well with the ‘Can Do’ ethos of India Poised.
  7. Direction: Except one (superfluous) song, I thought the direction had the stamp of dexterity that one associates with a Mani Ratnam film.
  8. Music: It’s Rahman all the way: lilting, earthy and unexpected.
  9. Vidya Balan: Though one wonders what she was doing in the film, she brought the necessary aplomb to her character. Can’t help feeling that the lass is a ticking time bomb and is going to explode on the Bollywood firmament.
  10. Abhishek: Needs to be mentioned again. I almost began to doubt the invincibility of his Dad after this performance. Maybe, just maybe, the Big B is fallible and the son is set to grab the mantle. See the film, I reiterate, for Abhishek’s coup and you will know what I mean.
Do check out my poem on Jellyfish. I wrote this for a four year old son of a Caferati member. Also posting Soven’s another creation on Photoshop. (Went to NP and got her a book on how to master Photoshop 7.) The quote, btw, is her own. Take care all of you out there…


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