Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Am Back

My last entry was on Valentine’s Day, and so very aptly, in a recent comment on my blog, a friend exhorted me to “wake up, rise and shine, pal.” May be I am suffering from a writer’s block, but I was not much of a writer, to begin with. Even the well of poetry seems to have dried up. I guess a lot has happened in the last 3 months. I moved on from Indiatimes (at a time when I had begun to feel settled) and joined NDTV on March 12 to head NDTV Convergence, their dotcom and mobile venture. Our house got completed and we moved into our home on April 1, dot on the target date set a year back. Since then, between managing a new job and a new house, perhaps I am more than consumed. Is that an excuse not to pen down a few lines? Am not too sure. I do miss the stirrings of poetry and now that a semblance of order has been restored on the home front, plan to catch up with some reading and writing.

As a student of new media, I am quite fascinated by the changes we are witnessing in India’s media landscape. My take is that Convergence is more than a buzzword and is going to happen, take it or leave it. I remember attending a workshop by Al Ries some time back in which he sort of mocked at Device based Convergence. Sounded logical. A Radio-Tv combo has not really worked, has it? However, the Convergence of Content is already happening and is bound to gain currency as the consumer is moving on and demanding content based on the ‘appropriateness’ of moment. The challenge for content creators /publishers will be to address the concerns of this consumer on the move and realign/ repurpose their content portfolio and make it available on multiple platforms in an optimised and cost-effective manner.

Not in a mood to pontificate, so shall take your leave...:) Take care…