Friday, July 21, 2006

Aapki Sonia

The other day, S and I went to the IBM Forum at the Taj Palace, not to attend the deliberations on IT, Outsourcing et al, but to see a play. Aapki Sonia, performed by Sonali Bendre (her debut in theatre) and Farooque Sheikh. Farooque gave a virtuoso performance while Sonali was good in parts, especially towards the end. Though the play was essentially a dialogue through letters between the two protagonists, and had minimal sets and sound, it was beautifully executed and kept us engaged. A sequel to Tumhari Amrita, it explored the facets of hate, the other side of love. Do see it if you can. The play is written by Javed Siddiqui (who also wrote Tumhari Amrita) and its script has a poetic feel to it.
Incidentally, also enjoyed IBM-Daksh’s COO Pavan Vaish’s take on BTO (Business Transformation Outsourcing) which we managed to catch just in the nick of time. Chill…:)


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