Saturday, July 08, 2006


Saw Banaras at home today and I must say I was mesmerised by the film. A ‘mystic love story’, it takes a lot of poetic liberty in its beliefs and their cinematic rendition and looks a bit improbable in pieces, but its searing intensity works just fine for me. The film is about fighting demons, both external and internal, and ultimately to make peace with the eternal river of life. I saw Ashmit Patel for the first time and the guy looks good. Intense and sure of himself as an actor. Urmila M was at her best, and while some may question her overarching transformation, I thought she carried her role with panache and certitude, befitting a deft performer. The film is beautifully shot and avoids the noise and filth of Banaras and highlights its magical, mystical soul, and the music is powerful. The script is taut, yet full of philosophical assertions. Enough food for thought, and an afternoon well spent…:)
As Subhash K. Jha says: “It doesn't really matter whether "Banaras" clicks at the box-office. For its tenacity of purpose and sensitivity of vision and for its genuineness of expression, you have to grant the film the space to have its say. This film deserves our respect.”
Some interesting facts about the holy city here.


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