Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gangsta Rap

Last night I had an irrational argument with Soven on an absolutely trivial issue and breathed down her neck irresponsibly. It made her cry and I felt very bad. Today I wrote this poem for her: last night he made his daughter cry. Please forgive me, my child.
In the afternoon, we saw Gangster at home. Though the film is yet another gangsta tale, I quite enjoyed the performance of Shiny Ahuja. The guy is intense, in the mould of Randeep Hooda, and if he chooses his roles well, will go a long way in the tinsel town. Debutant Kangna Ranaut as a gangsta moll was a trifle melodramatic in parts. Here’s the Wiki entry for Gangster. The film is shot in Seoul and the city looks cool. Also check out what the Korean portal Ohmynews has to say about the movie.
Have you been to Snap? Here’s a search engine with a difference. Take care…

15 July 2006: Have been at home for the last 2 days as I had caught a bad chill. Chill in this weather, you may be wondering? Well, AC draught at home and in office can be quite chilling when it wants to be…. Rested, took the ubiquitous Crocin, hot water bottle and the great Tiger balm massage by Soven and am feeling better now.
Managed to read Tim Harford’s The Undercover Economist and enjoyed some chapters. The ones on how Supermarkets fleece us and how China grew rich are fascinating. Simply told and highly effective. The book also makes an incidental point about how India’s illiberal and autarkic policies from 1960s till 1980s led to three decades of missed opportunities and we are far behind China now. Infrastructure remains our bane.
Do check out two of my recent poems: woman of caferati, and boohoo cries the rapist in the hall. Would be interested to know what you think of them. Boohoo…is sort of experimental.
S is travelling again. Left yesterday for Hyderabad and will return on Monday evening from Bangalore. I believe there’s a surprise (good surprise) in store for Soven when she returns.


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