Sunday, October 15, 2006

Diwali Bash

We had a great Diwali Bash on Friday the 13th at Tivoli Gardens and it was gratifying to experience the home-grown talent of the company. Everything was immaculately organised and the spirit was of bonhomie and cheer. It felt nice to be a part of a fun-loving progressive team. The Broadband guys and gals were active participants and sang songs, played guitar and did a skit. Cool.
I also penned down this poem on the 13th. Rather simple, but wanted to capture the exchange in free verse.
Early this morning S left for Russia. Am sure she’s gonna have a good time. I plan to keep busy at work, spend time with Soven, write poetry, manage construction, and read Pamuk’s My Name is Red at night.
Do check out these two sites: is Cyber Yugoslavia, and can get you a free accommodation when you are globetrotting on a shoe-string budget. Discovered these sites, thanks to brilliant pieces by Charles Assisi in today’s Sunday Times.
Champions Trophy has begun and it looks like India is going to win easily against England in the opening match.
Take care…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

someone pls tell this guy diwali is long over!

10:10 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes i totally agree.... this guy's blog is really outdated... what happened dude???? all ok???????? you don't seem to have much to write especially considering you write so many poems.... is it called the writers block.... or the bloggers blog....

2:27 AM PST  
Anonymous said...

abe besharamo
the guy has a normal life like other normal people.. are you guys implying that you dont? welll.. that explains a lot.

5:05 AM PST  

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