Friday, December 02, 2005

The Man in Seat Sixty-One

Finished the last poem in the series I am planning to call Pining for S Quartet.
Do take a look at she’s coming home. Do you think it’s too simple? I shared it with Tia and this is what she wrote: “The words are very simple…as is the description…but one can feel the passion and the excitement of the writer which hasn't been expressed in words. It's just something to be felt which is what makes it so beautiful.” Any way, here is an excerpt…
isn’t it amazing you meet a child-woman
25 years ago and see her blossom into a diva
you witness various stages of her metamorphosis
you begin to share bond co-exist merge fuse
then one day you realise you have become one
not the stifling oneness but one that liberates
from the limitations of the self that extends
the inner circle’s outer boundaries
into the azure that sets you free

Last evening, we had the Broadband team party at my team member Vikram’s place and had great fun. I have a young and bright team and that gives me a lot of hope.
Firefox 1.5 is cool. Download it, folks.
And before I go, here’s true labour of love on the net. Check out This is the travel site of Mark Smith, a British Rail railwayman who always manages to get Seat 61 in Eurostar 1st class, “starting point for overland journeys from London to Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Syria, Russia, Ukraine, and even Japan via Vladivostok...” The site is very well received in the British media and is very useful. I stumbled upon it when I was researching for rail travel from Alexandria to Cairo. Says Mark: “ is a personal website, run as a hobby. It's not a business, and I'm not an agency, just an individual with some knowledge which others might find useful...I get a small amount of commission if you click through and buy a guidebook from Amazon, or a railpass from Rail Choice or Rail Europe and one or two other affiliate schemes - this covers the web-hosting fees and if I'm lucky, buys me a beer or two...” Swell guy!


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