Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Living a somnolent haze

Yesterday came another poem in the Pining for S series :): living a somnolent haze. Posting an excerpt:
when you are not around
life becomes a faded facsimile
of a black and white
picture frayed at the edges
a lazy repose of still-lives
of poignant pauses
of yawning interludes
on the fringe
look at these cameos
from daily life
traffic becomes blur
people become shapes
television loses its sting

Discovered a real cool site, Zinio. It digitizes magazines in their traditional form and its UI is cool. Check out the latest issue of Business Week, for instance. Cheers…


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your wonderful melancholic poem is reminiscent of this old American song:

"I'm just on the blue side of lonesome
Right next to the Heartbreak Hotel
In a tavern that's known as Three Teardrops
On a bar stool, not doing so well.
The floor has a carpet of sorrows,
Yet no one can weep in the aisle.
And they say someone broke the bar mirror,
With only the ghost of a smile.
The hands on the clock never alter,
For things never change in this place.
There's no present, no past, no future..."

But now that she's back home, let's hope we'll get to see the bright and sunny side of your poetry...

12:03 PM PST  
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