Friday, November 18, 2005

Judy’s Book

So, we finally went to the Branson party and it was nice meeting Neha, my friend at VAA and our host, who looked lovely in the interesting footgear she was sporting.
Branson came in wearing a black kurta and went about shaking hands with almost all of his employees. He lays a premium on employee satisfaction, above all (and that includes the customer!), and isn’t it true that only happy employees make happy customers? Sound policy methinks. We generally chilled out…sipping white wine and savouring retro music.
This week has been great at office, what with a series of meetings with overseas visitors. The internet space in India is heating up and we are in for some exciting times. I am committed to deliver an outstanding BB portal early next year and it should be fun.
Do check out Judy’s Book. It’s a real cool site which recently received $8 million VC funding, and hopefully, shall make its mark in the interactive local listings space. I just love the out-of-the-box brand names in the new media industry. Another good one is Pajamas Media, a new portal designed to bring the best of blogosphere. Cool.


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