Thursday, December 22, 2005

Delhi Mixer

Yesterday I attended Rafat’s ContentNext Delhi Mixer at IIC Annexe where I met some interesting and knowledgeable new economy professionals and also had the ‘dubious’ distinction of introducing Rafat to the audience. After his talk, we had a lively discussion on the state of the new media in India and where it is heading, followed by snacks and booze. I enjoyed meeting Viren Popli of Star TV and Surya Mantha of Sify. Great guys. (Read Rafat's story about the Mixer here and see photos here).

Noticed that MSN India has launched Desktop TV. Though it’s early days for dayparting, it does make an exciting beginning and has the potential to introduce a new paradigm in online ad sales. Talking of advertising, do check out, a treasure trove of global ad ideas, a sort of ad ideas exchange where creators and buyer can come together.
Also, do take a look at the new search engine, Gravee. It says that it would share up to 70% of ad revenue with content owners. Cool stuff. And I kinda like the name.


Blogger Rajesh Barnwal said...

I have tried to review the broad points discussed during the brief interactive session at the ContentNext Mixer in my article, Personal Computers: Limitations and Potentials, published on the AlooTechie website.

Will appreciate your feedback on the review!


7:02 AM PST  
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