Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Carefree Soul

Yesterday was my late dad’s birthday. He was born in 1934. While he was on my mind, I couldn’t put down my feelings in words. When I reached home from work, Soven said that she had written a poem for him. This is what she wrote:
I think of you as a carefree soul
Cheerily striding towards the gateway of heaven
I remember the way you used to call my name
Anxiously waiting for me to reply, for me to give a sign
You weren’t weak, you didn’t cling
All you asked for was for us to be there
If we could hold your hand through the dark times,
if we could reassure you gently
I feel pained you never got the love you deserved
Still in the end you left us with a smile on your face
That smile, it had hidden emotions – fear anger frustration
and Peace
You would finally be loved, you could finally be held
And now I think of you as a carefree soul
I utter my heartfelt prayer
Please forgive us

All I can say is that she got it right. Soven is a sensitive child and I am blessed to be her pop.

Discovered File Magazine, a collection of unexpected photography on the web. Do check out Holga and Lomo Fall in Love featuring the toy camera work of Elena Kulikova, a 20 year old model and photographer based in San Francisco and Amsterdam. She is an amazingly talented lass. I was mesmerised by her still life work. Cheers.


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