Saturday, August 27, 2005

Work is Worship

27 August 2005: The headline of this post may sound bland and predictable, but trust me, it works. These days I am totally immersed in my work. I am consumed by a certain passion and feel a riot of energy run through my veins. When you make peace with your compulsions and become one with your work, you discover that you can cope with the demands of life better. No great philosophy this, and I am in no mood to pontificate either, but work can be a great healer as well as an aphrodisiac. To all my friends who may sometimes feel low and question the very basis of existence, I say: try Work Therapy. Here we need to define ‘work’. It has to be in the realm of value addition or value creation, away from the needless and mindless cycles of routine. That can degenerate into drudgery. The joy is in value creation. It need not be big, but it should strive to make a difference to our existing ‘workscape’. Well, if you would like to know what is my current calling, do take a look at this story in e4m. (Thank you, Karat, for also covering it at Content Sutra and being so nice about me.)
I thought I may introduce you to my friend Aekta’s blog: Whirlwings. She seems to be experiencing some sort of a cathartic awakening. And that is shaping her writing well. My sister too is going through a personal crisis and I hope she also discovers a strong ally in writing. S is on a different path and it’s gratifying to see that her intensity is back. Intensity has always been a part of her basic earth force. T has disappeared, and though she may not know it, I miss doing our ‘colab poems’ with her. Thinking of poetry, I need to get down to complete that stuff on Ms. Liz.
Good to chat with you. I shall be back soon. Take care, my friends…


Blogger soven said...

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7:10 AM PDT  
Blogger soven said...

hehe... dad
this only works for dull jacks and work aholics! nice point though, must remember that..
and people dad's right aekta didi really writes very well..

Peace out and I'm out

7:11 AM PDT  
Blogger S said...

Keep burning the midnight oil. What matters is that it keeps you happy.


4:53 AM PDT  
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