Sunday, August 07, 2005

Random Thoughts

7 August 2005: What should I write today? Haven’t been in touch with my friends for such a long time. I guess I am in the throes of work, and the very real possibility of reinventing the largest portal in India in the multimedia environment is an exciting and consuming responsibility.
I haven’t written much poetry either. There’s still this unfinished work on Ms. Liz sitting pretty on my desktop. There is an upsurge of emotions within me and one of the tasks that I have set for myself is to learn to temper my emotional high tides at the edges, to mould their raw bludgeoning sharpness into something more malleable. I need to also get back to some serious reading. For the time being, the idiot box has taken precedence, and it’s not always a gainful way to spend one’s spare time.
I am happy to share that my little girl, Soven, is blossoming into a young woman with the right set of values. She is warm and friendly and values the right things in life. She shares my passion for the Internet, and if her blog is anything to go by, she writes like a dream.
What else? Cricket is back and I hope the Indian team lives up to its potential. (Yuvraj scored a stunning century against the hapless Indies today in the ODI at Colombo.)
I was saddened by the Mumbai flooding. The loss of lives was all so needless. Imagine in this day and age people dying because of poor drainage and governmental (read: monumental) apathy in the commercial capital of the country. There is so much we can learn from the Chinese. The Chinese nation is on the rise and they are investing a lot in building the infrastructure of the country, while ours remain largely pre-historic. Shame!
There is so much goodness in India but it is also a very sad place to live in. We are ruled by pygmies who have no interest in governance. They are devious in their ways, corrupt in their morals and have no conscience. Their existential mantra: self aggrandisement at any cost, screw the country! However, all is not lost. I have immense faith in our youth, they have self-belief and are growing in confidence by the day. The ‘remix’ generation is not confused at all. I hope a new dawn awaits them in a new India.
Well, that’s all for the day. Gotta go to the Anniversary party of Ashwani and Anki. May God bless the lovely couple.
Do take care all of you wonderful people out there…