Friday, May 13, 2005

11--13 May 2005

13 May 2005: Shelle and I went to see the opening play at the Hungry Hearts Festival at IHC. Lushin Dubey performed the opening act in her Untitled solo performance which evocatively and very powerfully threw some bright and shining light on the condition of women in a world where men make all the rules and are the judge and prosecutor too. Her performance spanned the two worlds of Greek tragic heroine, Medea, and an Indian queen trying to deal with the perverse shenanigans of her king. Telling performance by Lushin with a dexterous use of the muppets and we also discovered that she is a good ventriloquist. Arvind Gaur’s direction was outstanding.
After the play, Deepti Naval read poems from her book, Black Wind. Some of the poems were pretty intense and she comes across as a sensitive person, but the poems by and large lacked the craft of a good writer.

12 May 2005: Robert Spears emailed me about the launch of their new blog, ContentSutra. He said that its focus “will be on the digital content market of India - with a goal of serving as a bridge between the Indian digital media market and the rest of the world.” I checked out the blog and it looks cool and is fraught with potential. I have already bookmarked it. I think Rafat Ali is doing some amazing work in the eContent space.

11 May 2005: Could turn out to be an important day for me but I am not telling.