Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Paradise and Pope

This is what Aekta wrote about Greenland and Xanadu, two of my recent poems: “Greenland: Very nice :-) And you are right, the icelands are within us. But then so is the power to melt it, and let habitation in. Xanadu: It’s brilliant, but pray tell me, why oh why do men's paradises have always something to do with sex?” About her latter query, when I said: “You tell me”, she responded, perhaps with a hint of mischief: “I guess women are too sexy for their own good. :-)” What do you think? I know my feminist friends would disagree with Aekta’s remark, but seriously why do men’s paradises have always something to do with you-know-what? I was stimulated enough to put my thoughts in free verse. Do check out Paradise. Take a look at my conversation with my daughter, Soven, about this poem:
soven: advice: i know you seem to like your new style of writing but quit writing like that...it gets confusing for the reader...or is that what you want? to make it confusing?
santre: tell me what does the poem say to you?
soven: it’s really cool...you have uncovered all the men! ghost buster behaviour, dude! totally awesome! it tells us about the wile fantasies of man.

Can you imagine she is just 12! Cool, I must say.

The new Pope got elected today. Cardinal Ratzinger of Germany chooses the name Pope Benedict XVI. Saw the historic moment on the telly. Ringing of the papal bells reminded me of the tintinnabulation of the temple bells in Kankhal, a sound I have grown up with.