Monday, August 15, 2005

Swades and more...

15 August 2005: Saw Swades on the idiot box, and I am tempted to write. I quite enjoyed the film despite its over romanticisation of the idealistic Mohan Bhargava and somewhat maudlin treatment. Having said that there is a Mohan Bhargava in all of us and I refuse to believe that there is no place for idealism in an increasingly material world. Though I am all for Prakash Jha’s kind of realism (it provokes you and hits at your numbness), and feel that India deserves not to be ruled by a motley of parasitical politicians and bureaucrats but by a ‘benevolent dictator’ who can set things right, I have not lost hope that individuals can make a difference. We all need to be vigilant and must not accept injustice and indignity against our fellow beings. Small gestures of an active citizenry can go a long way. (Incidentally, a ‘benevolent dictator’ is also an ideal type and a contradiction in itself.) Coming back to the film, I am most impressed by the acting of debutant Gayatri Joshi who essayed her role with tremendous dignity. Her poise and self confidence stood out against the bleakness of the agrarian backdrop and I feel that the lithesome lady has a bright future in Bollywood. Later when I was researching about Swades on the Internet, I came across a link on Wiki that pointed to Gayatri’s fan club. Check it out. There are some enterprising guys out there.

Talking of checking out, do also take a look at my beautiful and mysterious wife’s blog. Welcome to the world of Sphinxy Shelle. She is an intense person and I am glad that she has started writing again. Bet you will discover some amazing stuff.
I am filled with mixed emotions on the Independence Day. There is so much unrealised potential of my country and I just hope we shall be able to rise against the shackles of poverty, illiteracy, caste and creed politics, and pettiness and truly become a powerful nation one day. It is ironic that as individuals we are pretty good at what we do, we work hard and are committed to what we seek to achieve but collectively we draw a cipher and the sum of all parts becomes less than a part. What do you think?
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Blogger keeper of the gloom said...

True, individually we are capable of a lot more than what we produce together... Doesnt it happen everywhere? Is it lack of a leader or the fact that none of us have a common goal?!

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