Monday, April 18, 2005

Greenland and other stuff

17 April 2005: Today is Ma’s birthday. I called her up at Ruchi’s place and it was wonderful to talk with her. She sounded happy and I also began to feel light. Happy Birthday, Ma.
India lost the 6th ODI at Delhi without a fight. I think it’s time we look at reinventing our cricket team and get some fresh talent on board. There are lots of Dhonis (hopefully!) waiting in the wings and they deserve a break. We lost the series 2-4 to Pakistan who some thought initially (I also nurtured that feeling for a while) came with their weakest ever team to India. Great show, Pakistan.
Read the news that Indian diplomat Vikas Swarup’s debut novel Q & A is going to be made into a West End musical. Wow!
Saw Mani Ratnam’s Yuva on Zee Cinema. The film is about choices the youth have before them and the road they choose to take. Abhishek Bachchan as Lallan Singh with his cold, seething intensity is outstanding, and my favourite, Ajay Devgan as a student leader, Michael, who chooses to enter politics to change it from within is brilliant as usual. Besides, Om Puri as the archetypal politician couldn’t be better, and Ms. Kareena Kapoor is pretty cool in her small role. I quite liked the film, for it does strive to send the right message across, though Ratnam’s approach to politics looks too simplistic and a bit presumptuous. In real life, it does not happen like this which is a pity, isn’t it?

16 April 2005: Called up T on her mobile. I heard an excited voice. She was at Ego Café and enjoying herself.

15 April 2005: Afridi’s 45-ball century demolished India in the fifth ODI at Kanpur. Wrote Greenland. Saw Antwone Fisher on the telly. It is Denzel Washington’s directorial debut and is based on a true story of an abandoned black kid who rose to a part of US navy but has to carry the baggage of his troubled past with him. Outstanding performance by Derek Luke, a newcomer, in the lead role, and of course, Washington was superb both as a director and an actor. This is what Ebert says about the film: “The story behind the film is extraordinary. Fisher was a security guard at the Sony studio in Hollywood when his screenplay came to the attention of the producers. Denzel Washington was so impressed he chose it for his directorial debut. The newcomer Derek Luke, cast in the crucial central role after dozens of more experienced actors had been auditioned, turned out to be a friend of Antwone's; he didn't tell that to the filmmakers because he thought it would hurt his chances.”

14 April 2005: Wrote Pygmy Country, a poetic parable.

13 April 2005: Wonder what T is up to these days?

12 April 2005: Great fourth ODI at Ahmedabad. Sachin scored his 38th ton, yet India lost. Brilliant rearguard action by Captain Cool Inzy to square up the series, 2-2. Now the last two matches will be fun. Missing Judging Amy. Hope the network has not stopped broadcasting it in India.