Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lotsa Poetry

These days my creative juices are flowing. Poetry is a great stress-buster. Wrote 2 more poems over the weekend. Do take a look at Slices of Moscow, and Saving Pluto. I am also slowly doing away with the usage of all lower cases, and using Caps and punctuation, where necessary. Signs of being less diffident perhaps?
Here is a paragraph from Slices of Moscow:
And Zhenya that fifty-three year old bundle
Of energy and knowledge in raptures
Over Botticelli’s powerful The Annunciation
or Renoir’s lyrical Nude or Degas’ riveting
Blue Dancers at the Pushkin Museum
Teacher of English at the University
Lover of Darjeeling green-leaf tea
And that perennial taxi driver
a Raj Kapoor fan Main Awara Hoon

Posting pictures of two masterpieces of art I saw at the Pushkin Museum. (Both are mentioned in the poem...:)) And before I go, The Alchemy of Desire is turning out to be a fascinating read. A compelling treatise on desire. More on it later. Take care.