Sunday, September 10, 2006

If muse were my lover

Two more poems, I guess. Do take a look at: Missing you at Caferati, and If muse were my lover. I am increasingly identifying with the creative community at Caferati, and it’s a nice feeling to be touched by the words/thoughts of a fellow being. Isn’t it strange that while poetry is not being published by the mainstream Indian publishers (on account of it being un-remunerative), it’s thriving on the Internet? Thank God for the Big I, and poetry lovers.
Saw two films on the idiot box: The Clearing, and The Manchurian Candidate. The Clearing was a delight and I enjoyed its philosophical dialogues, languid pace, unconventional atmospherics and power play. Somehow the end seemed abrupt and lacked conviction. The Manchurian Candidate has two great performances. That of D. Washington and Meryl Streep, but the plot is a bit convoluted.
On the personal front, Plumbing work has started at the house, and Plastering is on. Things seem to be gathering pace. (Ty,G)
Do check out this amazing site for women bloggers. More power to women. Without them it would have been a dull and boring world...:) Take care…