Sunday, April 09, 2006

NYT Redesign

My favourite has had a makeover and what a radical one it is. Do take a look. It further strengthens my belief that multimedia is the way to go. Audio-video, pictorial, graphics and narrowband content must be seamlessly integrated and the consumer needs to be presented with an enriching experience.
USA Today is also in the throes of a redesign. Read here for a dope on the changes it has done to its story pages.
Must check out CollegeLive (a CNET production) and (from Denver Newspaper Agency)—great examples of niche-based social networking. Somebody needs to do a CollegeLive for India. There’s a business model sitting right out there.
Saw The Forgotten on the idiot box yesterday. Julianne Moore was good but the movie was kinda built on implausible grounds. This is what my movie guru Ebert has to say:
“I will content myself with the very final scenes. You know, the ones in the playground. How are they possible? What repairs were necessary to the fabric of the physical world and remembered events? Who keeps track of this stuff? How come such stupid experiments are carried out by beings so superbly intelligent as to be able to conduct them? The movie begins with a premise: A mother remembers her lost son, and everyone she trusts tells her she only imagines she had a son. That's a great story idea. But it's all downhill from there. "The Forgotten" is best left.”
And, oh, by the way, S has recovered from a severe bout of Influenza which had her down for about a fortnight. Am so relieved. Thank you, God!
Do take good care of yourselves…:)


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