Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bollywood rocks Melbourne

Saw Ray last night on HBO. Method acting by Jamie Fox is sheer brilliance but I feel the film loses out on being an epic because it does not use the traditional narrative structure. Jumping between the present and the past detracts from the pathos which generally elevates the film and the “classic” appeal, and tends to give away the story. Must get some Ray Charles music now. That reminds me that I also need to buy The Impressionist.
Saw the closing ceremony of Melbourne 2006 on the idiot box and I must say Bollywood did us proud again. After the clinical but dour performance by Aussie singers came the Bollywood show and it filled the magnificent MCG with a riot of colours and vocal and visual vibrancy. India rocked, and Aishwarya looked spellbinding when she was lifted by the dancers in a Namaste repose.

This is what Toby Forage, Fox Sports editor, writes: “But it wasn't so much the memory of the Games just past that had everyone excited, but the promise of some serious fun to be had in Delhi, which will host the 2010 Games. Bhangra and Bollywood were on show at the MCG in a traditional preview for the next host of the Games, and it was presented in magnificent style. If the idea of a 19th Commonwealth Games leaves you cold, you might want to consider giving them another tilt in India. Tonight's preview suggested colour and spectacle await in fours years' time. Add sport to the mix and it’s a heady cocktail nobody should pass up. But Melbourne's efforts were not forgotten amidst the vivid brilliance of India's finest performers, including former Miss World and now movie star Aishwarya Rai, fellow silver screen studs Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee, and cricket great Sunhil Gavaskar.”
A comprehensive report including pictures on Bollywood’s taste of Delhi 2010 is here on the official Melbourne 2006 site. DD Sports was pathetic as usual in its mushy and unnecessary voiceovers and criminal ad interruptions. Typical of the babu-run channel!
Poetry lovers may check out a compendium of American Poems here. I need to read more of Cummings.
Also, do take a look at Sacred Cow Dung, a blog on “Mythocracy in Venture Capital, Technology, Healthcare, Media, Internet, et al (Chief Dung Analyst: Christian Mayaud)”.
Cool stuff. Cheers…