Saturday, January 21, 2006

First Remote

K (she can be naughty sometimes) sent me this interesting ad of Natan jewellery. It works, whaddya say?

The Economist in its latest edition has a cover story on the mainstream media’s struggle with the digital world. Do read the piece here. The story concludes as follows: “Any media business has two products to sell: its content (to readers and viewers); and its audience (to advertisers). The task for old media is first to protect its advertising revenues by amassing audiences online and, second, to offset their viewers' intolerance of mass-advertising by making them pay more for content—which they are increasingly willing to do. It will not be easy, but then saving the heroine never was.”
Btw, S is in Bangalore on work, and Indo-Pak cricket ain’t working, thanks to flat pitches. Life goes on...


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