Friday, January 20, 2006

Digital Summit 2006

Just wanted to post a quick note to say that my short speech as a part of a long panel on the emerging Broadband scenario in India at Digital Summit 2006 at Mumbai on the 17th went off well. A Google search shows that it received a decent coverage. Do take a look at:
Mumbai Mirror
Dina Mehta’s blog
Sadly, the summit focussed on Web 1.0 and did not include anything about Web 2.0. Concepts like social networking, bookmarking, user generated content, new web ecosystem, collaboration tools were not even mentioned. The quality of speakers was also rather mediocre. However, besides the usual networking, the highlight for me was meeting lovely Nikita of TV Today. Nikita in London
I met her for the first time at Ad Asia 2003 at Jaipur and bumped into her again at the Summit. There are some people with whom you connect for no apparent reason, and wonderfully warm Nikita is one of them.
Next day, I attended the Al and Laura Ries seminar on Branding and it was refreshing to hear the father-daughter duo. They talked about brand line extensions and the mushy middle (how they don't work!), the law of divergence, the law of the opposites, positioning etc, in a lucid and demystified manner. Do check out Laura’s blog here. Cool stuff.


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yeah social networking- Sharing will be da name of Game in future !

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