Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006

Had a quiet new year eve at home with Shelle's parents and their generous-to-a-fault friend, the famous Dr. Varadarajan, who brought in a bottle of Chivas.
Saw two wonderful films. Continuing my admiration of RPG’s work, Raincoat, and The Mayor of Casterbridge. Though Raincoat has a slow pace, I loved its languid quality, searing inner intensity and the use of different colour frames to depict the present and the past. However, somehow one feels that the story should have had a more long drawn-out closure. It’s beautiful in its poignancy, and Ash floating between the bubbly and the comely, the passionate and the indifferent, is stunning. Sukanya Verma’s review at Rediff is pretty apt. Way to go, RPG. Gotta see more of you for sure.
Today, we saw the first half of The Mayor of Casterbridge. Hardy has been my favourite author, and Michael Henchard epitomises a tragic-hero. You love him, you hate him. I am reminded of my school days when I religiously devoured all Hardy books. Do take a look at this plot summary of The Mayor…at B& N’s remarkable SparkNotes. Can’t wait to catch the concluding part next Sunday on Zee Studio.
Have a super-duper 2006, and lotsa sunshine in the years to come. Take care…


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