Sunday, October 02, 2005


Saw Parineeta at home today and truly enjoyed the film. While Saif and the debutant, Vidya Balan, gave stunning performances, I was mesmerised by the almost impressionistic art direction and cinematography. In some short sequences, the film promises to emerge triumphantly and claim its place as a classic in the Bollywood pantheon, but the overall package falls way short. A let down of sorts. The end is abrupt and melodramatic and the film could have done with some moments of resonant pauses and low decibel intensity. At times it gets loud and kitschy--almost naïve in its villainous schema-- and that detracts from its potential. In any case, Balan is a girl to watch out for. Those emotive and seething eyes will go a long way in an industry short on talent and high on hype.


Blogger soven said...

way to go dad!

yea it was a letdown in some parts but then again... it was quite good also! worth watchng 2 times, whaddya say?


5:53 AM PDT  
Blogger S said...

The almost chiaroscuro quality of Parineeta left a lingering sense of satisfaction although one does agree that there were shortcomings, especially the loud song and dance sequence at the beginning which seemed out of place texturally with the rest of the film.

It was good being together though as a family.


10:45 PM PDT  
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