Sunday, September 18, 2005


What do you do when you think that the words are not at your disposal, that they have gone into hibernation deep into some unlit recess in your subconscious and you just can’t find a way to them, that you hear them say “enough is enough, do something meaningful and don’t freakin’ write for the sake of writing”? On the surface, things look calm, dig deep and you will see lots of commotion.
I need to do something more fruitful with my spare time (read: weekends), rather than just surf the web, read the news, respond to emails and take in inanities being spouted on the idiot box. Gotta take charge and do something of consequence. Muse, will you come back to me, please? Ah, and gotta brace myself for Shalimar too. Am preparing to begin the literary journey. Tonight? Maybe…