Saturday, September 24, 2005


Went to LSR in the morning to judge the Murlidhar Debate on the invitation of Deakin University. My friend, Ravneet, their elegant Country Director had invited me and it was fun to be at LSR. The place is replete with talent, though I must confess I was a trifle disappointed with the DU debating standard this time. Admittedly, the topic was dense (Migration of skilled labour to the West) but could have been dealt with more thoroughly.
T came to meet me at the debate and I was so pleased to see her. After the debate, I missed the lunch at LSR and took T out to a ‘farewell lunch’ at Ego Thai. (I must say I was impressed with the décor and the food was delectable. Worth a second visit, for sure). T and I talked about cyber feminism, the origin of Internet and life at Cambridge and life after it. She is a mind-person and it is gratifying to connect with her. Am glad for her (bagging the Commonwealth Trust scholarship, that is) and I am sure she is bound to go places.
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