Sunday, August 27, 2006


Haven’t written my blog entry for some time, but I have been writing poetry.
Do take a look at: last night I was reading Bukowski. And today I am mighty pleased with meself. Finally penned down my take on KANK. Here is the opening paragraph in free verse…
A Big Fat Indian Wedding
In the Big Apple
Boy meets Girl
They sit on a bench
In a Garden
She doesn’t want
To get married
It’s only her
Childhood Friend
What a shame!
A little banter later
He convinces her
They part
Hoping to meet again
*Full poem here.
The film has generated a lot of debate on Caferati, and I needed to have my say. Call it the compulsions of being a poet-pretender…:) You may also like to check out Raja Sen’s brilliant review.
Last week, Dr. Kusum Ansal invited me to a poetry reading session at Geoffrey’s, and it was great fun. It was a pleasure listening to K.L.Nandan and Raj Narain Bisaria, great Hindi poets. I read Farewell Lunch and Three Domesticated Pigs.
Currently reading Tarun Tejpal’s The Alchemy of Desire, and I am finding it a fascinating read. I have always admired Tarun for his guts, and his debut novel sounds promising, in more ways than one. It looks like a neat medley of love and desire, lust and loneliness, and an inner longing that refuses to be quelled. Will post my views after I have savoured the book.
Talked with my English pal, Cindy, after a long time, and I must say it was an absolutely unadulterated pleasure.
And as a parting shot, if you are a Britney Spears fan, do see this video at YouTube. (It’s making waves in cyberspace.) She looks spaced out. Take good care of yourself.


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