Monday, May 01, 2006

Escher and Opal

Dunno why we have a May Day holiday today but gave me some time to surf. Discovered the website of one of my favourite painters, M. C. Escher. Truly remarkable man, a genius. Some people call his work Op Art, but methinks it is certainly more than that. Do take a look at Three Worlds, a 1955 lithograph. And now I gotta go and get ready to meet my school friend, NAP (Nuclear and Astrophysicist), who is based in the US and is visiting his folks in Delhi. We are having dinner at our childhood friend, Ritu’s place. Looking forward to a good conversation and some great Single Malt. Cheers...:)
30 April 2006: Saw Zinda yesterday at home. The film is dark and pretentious and didn’t appeal to me. I thought the plot was rather contrived. Rediff reviewer Sukanya says: “…you have to be angry, demented, numb, a Sanjay Dutt fan or a movie reviewer to be able to enjoy Zinda.” I say: ditto.
Started When Opal Mehta…Quite enjoying its easy flowing narrative. Read this piece by Nina Martyris (she writes like a dream!) in SToI who has brilliantly put things in perspective regarding the whole controversy. Says Nina: “The most disappointing aspect to this whole dismal affair is that the quality of inspiration is so strained. Not one of those lines from McCafferty's books which have got her into so much trouble are beautiful enough or powerful enough to flash upon the inner eye in vacant and in pensive mood.”


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