Sunday, May 21, 2006

Snap it!

Don’t know what to say today but I feel the need to write. Have had two lazy days at home. Reading newspapers, watching cricket, surfing, reading poetry @ Caferati, staring at the idiot box, but somehow feeling a vacuity. Went to the VA flat bed launch party on Friday and it was nice to meet up with Sunshine Neha again. My friend, Deepa, who has recently shifted to Mumbai, is here and I am hoping to catch up with her at lunch tomorrow. Work is fine, but deep down that gratifying feeling is missing. There’s so much to be done. I want to fly but need to keep my feet on the ground. Need to also smoothen out some rough edges. Also need to pick up a book soon. Or muse?
Meanwhile, the Net remains a consuming mistress. Do check out Snap. Looks like a cool alternative to mainstream search engines. Here’s why. Take good care of yourself.


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