Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hyperlink Movie

Saw Syriana the other day. Liked the brooding intensity of George Clooney (he deservedly won an Oscar for this) but somehow the film failed to deliver on its promise. Interesting plot based on global oil politics but “lost it” in too much intellectualising. Ebert however differs. This is what he says: "Syriana" is an endlessly fascinating movie about oil and money, America and China, traders and spies, the Gulf States and Texas, reform and revenge, bribery and betrayal. Its interlocking stories come down to one thing: There is less oil than the world requires, and that will make some people rich and others dead. The movie seems to take sides, but take a step back and look again. It finds all of the players in the oil game corrupt and compromised…” Ebert also talks about this being a Hyperlink Movie: “A recent blog item coined a term like "hyperlink movie" to describe plots like this. (I would quote the exact term, but irony of ironies, I've lost the link.) The term describes movies in which the characters inhabit separate stories, but we gradually discover how those in one story are connected to those in another.” Lemme have your views on Syriana if you have seen the film.
Check out this. A strange but fascinating case of a guy leveraging the Internet to manage a “menage a trios.” Would you wish him luck and help him win his bet? :)
Soven has learned to do HTML and has done her first page on her own. It even has a video. I am a proud dad, considering I have no clue how to do even the basic stuff. Take care…


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