Monday, November 07, 2005

It’s Genpact

Folks, you will be happy to know that my better half, Anita, has joined Genpact today as VP, Corporate Communications. Genpact, earlier called GECIS, is India’s largest BPO company and recently rated by Business Today as the third best company to work for in India. The first, of course, is Infosys. Am happy for Anita. She cleared a series of tough interviews and is an ideal fit for this job, considering her Andersen experience and her polished personality. So, this is the big news of the day.
Went to Dimple’s house on Sunday for her luncheon Birthday party. Pity India lost the 5th ODI, despite a century by Gambhir. There has been a scandal at office, but am not keen to dig the dirt here. Glad Natwar is ejected out of the Cabinet. In the murky world of politics, you can’t take anything at its face value.

Discovered a simple but beautifully made internet film about the state of new media in 2014. Robin Sloan, formerly of the Poynter Institute, is a cool guy. Do take a look at the film here. Lemme know what do you think. As far as I am concerned, EPIC is the way to go in the future. Everything will converge and the consumer will call the shots:
"The ‘Evolving Personalized Information Construct’ is the system by which our sprawling, chaotic mediascape is filtered, ordered and delivered. Everyone contributes now – from blog entries, to phone-cam images, to video reports, to full investigations. Many people get paid too – a tiny cut of Googlezon’s immense advertising revenue, proportional to the popularity of their contributions. EPIC produces a custom contents package for each user, using his choices, his consumption habits, his interests, his demographics, his social network – to shape the product."

Do take care all of you…


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