Sunday, October 30, 2005

India goes on...

My friend, Shradha, who is settled in US and is a part of our Yahoo! egroup of the Class of 1981, was disturbed about “these tragic blasts in some busy markets in Delhi.” She said in her post to the group: “It is like one step forward and two back in bringing peace in the region. I hope wisdom prevails!”

This is what I wrote back regarding Delhi 29/10:
Thank you, Shradha, for your concern. It's sad that innocent people are being killed. It serves no purpose. While our politicians make merry and bureaucrats party in their safari suits, ordinary people who have harmed nobody get blown into pieces. It is so very sad.
I am hurt. I am angry. I am numb. Life goes on. We carry on with fortitude and a smile on our lips. We were getting ready to attend a party when we heard the news last evening. For a moment, I thought not to go. Maybe it was not safe. Maybe it would be a callous thing to do. Then we decided to go. 32 kms from our home, to Gurgaon. The roads were full of cars. Ordinary people were going about their business. The daily rigour of life. FM radios took the role of a counsellor and were broadcasting messages of hope. Ordinary people were coming forward to help ordinary people. Patriotic songs were being played on the radio. Not loud, not kitschy. The subliminal message: Life must go on. We must not be cowed down. We have to hold our head high, get our smile back, and live with stoicism.
For centuries, India has been ravished, but it has survived. Resilience is a part of our DNA. It has built our character. We shall go on. The journey of life is a reward in itself!

What do you think? Take care...